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Technologies: Xcode, Android Studio, UIKit, Autolayout, Programmatic UI, Rest APIs, Cocoapods, SPM, Firebase (Analytics + Crashlytics), Architecture, Diagrams, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Microapps architecture, NordicDFU, Location, GPS, Geofences, Motion, Heading, Altitude, Speed, Acceleration/Decelaration, Rotation, XCFrameworks, Gradle

Features: Trip Detection, Trip start/end, Distracted Driving, Automatic Trip Upload, JWT authentication, custom REST api



IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions)

IMS is a vehicle and driving data company that provides enterprise level solutions to over 350 customers such as mobility operators, insurers, and governments. The company is specialised in providing insurance companies products that enable them to tailor their prices based on the driving habits of their clients, rather than the general population statistics.
Our approach

Results oriented

The IMS One App SDK detects trips using a variety of techniques and sends location data back to the IMS servers for processing. Trip details are available at the end of every journey with a behavioural-based score for the driver. The customers make full use of IMS's technological knowledge while developing their telematics-enabled service. The IMS One App SDK does all the heavy lifting when it comes to enabling mobile telematics data collection, impact detection, driver behaviour scoring, trip detection or distracted driving detection, allowing the customers to avoid the complex technical challenges already resolved by a market leader and award-winning platform provider. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Enterprise level security

IMS offers enterprises with the industry-renowned security architecture of the IMS DriveSync platform, which is utilised in apps via the IMS One App SDK. When you use IMS’ cutting-edge technological solutions and services, you can be certain that your data is safe.

SDK complete solution

The IMS One App SDK adds even more freedom to incorporating telematics and linked automobile services into customers’ new or current app solutions, allowing them  to innovate without incurring expensive development expenses. Developers can easily integrate and rapidly deploy “smarter” connected car apps based on the robust architecture and rich multi-sensor data collection capabilities of IMS’ One App SDK to deliver safer driver behaviour, enhance your customer experiences, reach new markets, and build faster and easier than ever before across iOS and Android – no need to reinvent the wheel. The plug and play technique also allows developers to work on many projects at once without becoming bogged down by the code or design aspects of the project.

One of the many addons…

Distracted Driving: An add-on that provides distracted driving-related events while the trip is being recorded. A great tool that helps customers understand their drivers’ behaviour, driving style and attention span on the traffic, by detecting if and when a driver uses his phone and gets distracted from the road.




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