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Ubooker is a global platform for established, professional models/talents, clients, agencies and content creators.
Managing the Ubooker iOS platform, featuring a custom real time chat system with attachments, multi time zone calendar, job and casting requests, complex and dynamic forms, dynamic filters and search forms along many more features.


Platform: iOS
Language: Swift
Technologies: Xcode, RxSwift, RxCocoa, RxDataSources, UIKit, Stripe, Autolayout, Programmatic UI, Rest APIs, Cocoapods, Firebase (Analytics + Crashlytics), Custom Architecture – Reactive MVVM-C, Coordinator, CoreLocation, UserNotifications, AVKit, WebKit, Alamofire, Network framework, UserDefaults, Keychain, oAuth, Biometrics auth (TouchID & FaceID), StoreKit, PusherSwift, ConcurrentDispatchQueue, Schedulers, DispatchSemaphores

DevOps: Fastlane, Jenkins, ngrok, GIT

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